ISLP Mission

To foster just and accountable development that is sustainable, supportive of human rights, and strengthens the rule of law by mobilizing our unique network of highly skilled and experienced pro bono lawyers to advise civil society and governments.

UN Group Condemns Unlawful Detention of Saudi Rights Lawyer

Dan Arshack is an ISLP volunteer representing Waleed Abu al-Khair, a Saudi Arabian human rights defender and lawyer. Al-Khair defended many activists and victims prior to his own conviction under Saudi Arabia’s counter-terrorism law. In 2014, Al-Khair was sentenced to 15 years in prison, where he has since suffered beatings and other ill treatment. On November 27, Mr.

President Bill Clinton Delivers Keynote at ISLP's 15th Anniversary Honoring Co-Founders

Over 425 friends, partners, and supporters of ISLP gathered to celebrate its 15th Anniversary on December 1, 2015 . The gala luncheon, held at the Plaza Hotel in NY, featured Special Guest and Keynote Speaker President Bill Clinton, recognized and thanked co-founders Tony Essaye and Bob Kapp for the unique vision that shaped ISLP, and honored Dick Winfield, head of ISLP's media freedoms program, with the Global Pro Bono Visionary Award.

Framing Legal Issues in the Fast-Growing Impact Investing Environment

Report on Humanitarian Exemptions to Iran SanctionsSocially responsible investing– putting capital into funds, companies, or organizations where the goal is social and environmental impact as well as financial return–is striking a chord with many of today's investors. A legal team from Clifford Chance, supported by ISLP and its partner the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), has produced a legal roadmap of various structural, tax, economic, and governance implications specific to this emerging practice. Download brief here.

Focus On: Natural Resource Development

Over the course of nearly a decade, ISLP has developed a significant program of assistance to governments of least developed countries working to improve the management and governance of their countries’ extractive sector wealth. This is an area where ISLP is uniquely qualified to support both governments and local communities with some of the most experienced mining, environmental, tax, and other international transactions lawyers in the world.